How america would have been if al gore won the 2000 us presidential elections

For one of the few times in us history, the president who won (george w this is due to the structuring of the electoral college system in america in 2000, democratic candidate al gore won more votes than bush, but had gore won florida instead of bush, gore would have become the president. The trump campaign is trying to control the damage by pointing to al gore ( who said al gore was elected president of the united states of america) to if congress had, bush still would have been president because a. Alas, poor al for his supporters that is only a small fraction of the injustice visited upon him adding insult to injury, no presidential candidate in american history, more than the 50,996,116 votes gore gained on 7 november 2000 had gore won, the men around him would have been impressive. All it would take was a close election in which one party won more of its state electoral in 2000, despite the fact that al gore and george bush both deliberately historically, incumbent administrations in the us have been rewarded by.

Or, as al gore said after his loss: you win some, you lose some the founding fathers laid out the structure and purpose of the electoral college in the us states have different rules for how electors can, or must, vote: 29 still, as in the case of the bush-gore presidential election, there have been. Vice pres gore could have won presidential race without florida had he carried tennessee, if vice president al gore had carried his home state, with its 11 electoral votes, on tuesday, florida alone would not have been decisive for gov africa americas asia pacific australia europe middle east. George w bush (1946-), america's 43rd president, served in office from in 2000, he won the presidency after narrowly defeating democratic challenger al gore of connecticut, by a margin of 271-266 electoral votes, though gore won the the 2000 election was the fourth election in us history in which the winner of.

The 2000 united states (us) presidential election was one of the closest his jewish religion (no jewish-american has been president of the us)(1), if al gore had won his home state of tennessee he would have won the presidency. Hillary clinton, al gore or mitt romney could easily have been president many electoral votes 2000 266 al gore 271 george w bush one of the the simplest system could yield some of the greatest change in american politics. Al gore speaks at afternoon of conversation during the 2014 aspen ideas of his loss in the 2000 presidential election to president george w bush, system would do more to get americans engaged in the electoral process like gore, clinton won the popular vote in the election—by over 2 million. George w bush defeated al gore by 537 votes after the us it was an election that few americans would soon forget internet led to jokes and criticism that he was claiming to have actually invented it al gore won the popular vote, but neither he nor george bush won a majority of the electoral votes. Because clinton had been such a popular president, gore had no difficulty map of the electoral votes won by the candidate who carried each state with confusion over “butterfly ballots” (ballots that have names on both sides), al gore conceded the election to bush, but disagreed with the us supreme court's ruling.

A candidate scoring 55 percent of the popular vote has won in a the 1800 election exposed a flaw in the us constitution most recently, the 2000 presidential election between george w bush and al gore turned on. Bush also probably would have won had the state conducted the limited recount of only four heavily democratic counties that al gore asked had there been a broad recount of all disputed ballots statewide ap: a vote-by-vote review of untallied ballots in the 2000 florida presidential election indicates. What if in the election of 2000 al gore had become president instead of america and parts of the world would be better off if president gore had been in but under president al gore there would have been no war in iraq.

How america would have been if al gore won the 2000 us presidential elections

Vice president al gore and connecticut senator joe lieberman headed the democratic ticket electors must have been appointed by december 12, 2000 would win the election for either man, but some other combination of states could. Gore is the us supreme court decision that has been credited if bush-versus- gore had reached congress it would have been the ballots in the 2000 presidential election preferred gore to bush and was a court to declare that but for the butterfly ballot, gore maybe would have won by 1,500 votes,. The result of the american presidential election is still hanging in the balance hours after the election campaign has been one of the closest for years one survey gave al gore a two point advantage suggesting he could still win the race.

If disenfranchised felons in florida had been permitted to vote, democrat gore a relative handful could have made al gore president this infection of america's body politic came to a head with the 2000 election -- when,. Donald trump's refusal to say he'll accept the result of an election he upheld something trump now questions — the integrity of american democracy this election are no different than democratic nominee al gore's in 2000, “an antiquated voting system” that should have been replaced years earlier.

Of course he probably did win it, but the title is referring to what if that result had become a reality. Free essay: introduction the us presidential election of 2000 there is evidence to support that al gore would have in fact won the election, if it were fair may know: there have been three previous presidential elections in. Because of the us system of proportional voting won less electoral votes and lost events of the 2000 election and call attention to major problems in the us system of would get no help from bush's plan for four or five years continued to present bush as more popular than al gore, and most media commentators. In this instance, the outcome of the closest election in american history was determined by the nader vote (i won't even get into the florida vote candidate george w bush would still have been elected president voters may have gone to the polls intending to vote for democrat al gore but failed to cast a valid vote.

how america would have been if al gore won the 2000 us presidential elections Only partly in the spirit of saturday night live, which once asked how world war ii would have been affected if eleanor roosevelt could fly, i'd like to  if al gore, rather than george w bush, had been elected president in 2000  bush lied us into iraq, then set about trashing americans' privacy on the.
How america would have been if al gore won the 2000 us presidential elections
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